Take contemporary casual fashion, fuse it with authentic Namibian culture and themes, add a dash of pride and a whole lot of love. We give you Namibwear.

Born in the heart of Namibia, also known as “the land of the brave“, a country full of culture, diversity and adventure, comes Namibwear – a clothing brand that celebrates the Namibian way of life, a diverse heritage, and of course the country’s unique and beautiful features in the form of landscapes, wildlife and people. Our aim is to bring you a diverse range of unique designs and high quality products, to share the Namibian pride and create positive and inspiring awareness for our country.

We strive to perfect the quality of our products and to offer you these at an affordable price, sourcing from both local and international manufacturers to provide the best balance of price and quality. All designs are proudly made by Namibwear.

New collections will be launched from time to time, so stick around and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what else is coming up. Further more we welcome you to our journey and hope to have you along for the ride to grow and develop together with you and the Namibwear community. Feel free to interact with us and share your thoughts, help us improve and make our products even better and don’t forget to #sharethepride!

Your Namibwear Team